AP Stacking

About this project

One extra loaded pallet, two extra loaded pallets or even three extra loaded pallets – all onto the same pallet position right up to roof height in your transport vehicle.
That’s how AP Stacking is turning space into profits. By utilizing space that would otherwise be wasted, AP Systems increases the load per trip and cuts your costs dramatically – no matter what type of goods you are transporting.

Cut transport costs by at least 30%
Customers typically experience savings of at least 30% on their transport costs. By increasing load capacity, saving on fuel and road tolls, minimizing damage and reducing the need for expensive packaging, AP Stacking cuts your main operational costs. Moreover, no additional investments or adaptations to your equipment or warehousing systems are necessary.

An AP Stacking solution for every type of load
There is an AP System for every type of load – even products that are normally considered to be non-stackable. Whether you are transporting FMCG or vulnerable products like pharmaceuticals and electronics, AP Stacking has the right solution to help you turn wasted space into profits.

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